Cindy meets…Margaret? June 12th, 2010

Cindy: Okay, so who the hell are you?
Maggie: You’re rather abrupt, aren’t you?
Cindy: And you’re rather British.
Maggie: Yes, well, it happens.
Cindy: What does?
Maggie: Being born in England.
Cindy: Ah. So where’s the writer?
Maggie: Which one?
Cindy: Noble.
Maggie: Ah. Well. It’s a bit tricky, you see.
Cindy: Wait a minute…are you…like me?
Maggie: Well, I wear trousers at as a general rule, but aside from that…yes. I think so.
Cindy: So…what you’re saying is…you have a bit of “Noble” in you?
Maggie. Indeed.
Cindy: I don’t know how I feel about that.
Maggie: Yes, it is strange. However, look at it this way, I’m only going to be around for another three weekends. You see, “Noble” is only me for four nights a week for a couple of hours a night at the theatre. “Noble” is you any time any one logs on and watches you on the web.
Cindy: Or DVD. You know, Season One is coming out soon.
Maggie: Rub it in, why don’t you.
Cindy: I will. So, what’s your deal?
Maggie: Well, I’m a character in this new play, London’s Scars, at the Odyssey theatre here in Los Angeles.
Cindy: Are you a good character? Because I’m a REALLY great character.
Maggie: Well, I think I’m pretty spectacular.
Cindy: Why do you say that?
Maggie: Because I’m a lesbian therapist.
Cindy: Oh, for cryin’ out loud.
Maggie: Yes. It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it.
Cindy: That’s not really the right word.
Maggie: Oh, look at you, getting all “Dyna” on me.
Cindy: Well…words are important.
Maggie: Indeed.
Cindy: So…do you get to use some big words in the play?
Maggie: I do. I get to say words like “transference”, “speculative”, “conjugated”, and “Winston Churchill”.
Cindy: I get to say words like “awesome”.
Maggie: To each his own.
Cindy: Or “her” own.
Maggie: Indeed.
Cindy: So…uh…want to get a drink?
Maggie: That’s sounds…intriguing.
Cindy: That’s a good word.
Maggie: I thought so.
Cindy: Huh.
Maggie: Yes.

Check it out, kids: I’m in this awesome play and I do indeed play a “lesbian therapist”. Three more weekends, and if you visit and look up “London’s Scars”, you can use the discount code “410″ for a $10 off ticket! Come on out, those of you here in SoCal. And for the rest of you, check out the Facebook Page for London’s Scars for sexy pics!
–Ann Noble


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