Instructions on how to use Vokle, our platform for The Gloves Are Off

Hey there, we are still getting some questions on how to use Vokle.  Here is a detailed post, hope it helps!

We will be recording the event, but please know that our recording software will require some editing – look for the episode to be posted sometime during the weekend.  We will tweet when it’s up from @wehavetostopnow.

Now for the details on how to use our platform VOKLE:

In order to watch the event, you must register for Vokle.  To do that, go to our stand alone live feeds page here:

5 minutes before the event, please come back to the same page and click the red “join event” button in the lower left hand corner.

If you’re just planning to watch, you’re all set!

If you’re planning to call in, hit the SETUP button and it will take you through a simple set instructions to activate your camera, microphone and headset (you must wear a pair of earbuds to avoid feedback if you call in!)  Sometimes your screen will freeze and you might have to go back through the set up one more time if your camera and/or mic are not working.  If that happens, just hit the “Begin Wizard” button and go back through the set-up. (THIS IS JUST FOR PEOPLE PLANNING TO CALL IN.

During the broadcast, you can ask questions by hitting the “Ask a Question” button on the top right hand side.  It will then give you the option to text it, or video call in.

Text comments are screened before they appear online.  Texting any inappropriate content will result in being banned from the event.

If you call in, you will first be connected to our screener who will make sure that your camera, mic and earphones are in place and that your connection is good enough to avoid a long delay.  Once cleared, you will be put in a queue, and will stay there until we make the call live.  Sometimes we will make your call live immediately, other times we may not get to your call – it all depends on the number of callers in front of you!  Either way, please be ready, as once we hit the “take call” button, you will automatically  be live online.

Tips to make it smoother

  • If at all possible, try to hardwire your computer in as opposed to using a wireless connection.  There will be a 2 to 3 second delay, hardwiring will help in keeping the delay down and avoiding wireless interference with other users on the network.
  • If you freeze or the connection drops, just refresh your browser.  If your camera doesn’t show back up and you’re wanting to video call in, just go back through the “Begin Wizard” process.
  • If you call in, please remember that there is a delay, so try to avoid the small “yeses” or “uh huhs” within the conversation, as they will be heard by us 2 to 3 seconds after you say them.  (It’s easier to nod yes or no if there’s something you are trying to convey in the moment.)  Try to speak in larger chunks and give a definite end to the thought so that we know you are done with that particular idea, and can respond.
  • Hit the “Follow” heart button the top left hand corner, and we’ll always let you know when we’re doing another show.
  • simple copy/paste if you want the world to know what you’re doing…(tweet includes a tinyurl of the web address where our feed is located)


watching #theglovesareoff with the girls of @wehavetostopnow, go to to join the conversation


to link the event, use this url:


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