The Gloves Are Off returns tomorrow night

We are very excited to be back tomorrow night at 7 pm pst!

A few things:

1.  You must sign up in order to watch the show.  Go to our Live Feeds page and click the “Watch Live” button.  It will then take you to our Vokle platform where you can create a Vokle account or use your Twitter to login.

2.  Please call in!  This show is all about participation – we want to hear what you have to say, but first things first – if you are going to call in, YOU MUST USE A HEADSET TO AVOID AN ECHO FEEDBACK.  The show is on a slight delay, so without a headset, we’ll all hear an echo and everyone on chat will shame you for not reading the instructions…so just avoid that and plug in those headsets!

3.  Unfortunately, the Vokle platform does not provide a recording option.  This first episode will not be available for later viewing.  Right now our only option is to purchase third party software in order to record future episodes.  We hope to be able to provide the recorded episodes soon!

This week’s topic:  straight women who have emotional affairs with lesbians, why we try to make straight women gay and the Rizzoli and Isles phenomenon.

Don’t just watch.  Join the conversation


2 Responses to “The Gloves Are Off returns tomorrow night”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Hello my name is Rachel and I think you two are great. I am pumped the gloves are off is back because having an intellectual conversation about interesting topics having to do with the gay community can only be a good thing. I work on a farm and we are dropping seed tomorrow so I only was able to watch the first 20 min of your show tonight because I have to have ground ready for tomorrow regardless you are awesome. I am not too good with technology but can you explain how to add to the live chat, I would love to throw my two cents. Cathy one of my goals in life is to buy you a beer and have a conversation with you. Side note out at the wedding is one of my favorite films. Well tractor is full time to go back to work, you two have a great week, and Cathy you said it has been a long hard week for you remember problems are just opportunities in work clothes. Thank you for creating amazing work and having gay pride the whole time. I imagine Hollywood is little like where I live and it is not always easy to be who you are in all situations; for that I commend you. You truly inspire me.

  2. Angie Says:

    I recorded part of the live stream (came in late), but the picture froze so it’s mostly just audio. Did anyone record from the beginning? Did they say something about donations for recording equipment? How do we donate? Also, how did Cathy say we should contact her if we’re interested in a DVD of the old episodes of What’s Your Problem?

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